Minister of Music

Position Summary

The Myrtle Baptist Church Minister of Music (“MBCMM”) directs the organization and implementation of a comprehensive church music program including choir, vocal and/or instrumental ensembles.  Serves as a leader in worship services, giving direction to hymns, congregational singing, choirs, and other phases of worship; Creates and maintains flow of worship services with appropriate spiritual atmosphere. The MBCMM is a member of the Worship and Arts Ministry team, and works collaboratively with the Minister of Worship and Arts to coordinate music programming with the church calendar. Responsible for planning and selecting music for all church services.

Essential Functions:  

  • Develops and leads the MBC music ministry, in consultation with the Senior Pastor and Minister of Worship and Arts, in a manner that is consistent with MBC theology, mission, and values.  
  • Leads and directs the various components of the music ministry including the choir(s), vocal, band/instruments and other expressions of musical experience; Rehearses or otherwise ensures preparedness of all music ministry elements.  
  • Instructs, coaches and mentors all music ministry team members to become lifelong learners with respect to their musical talents as well as their spiritual development; Enlists and trains leaders for the church music ministry as well as soloists and designated music leaders and accompanists for church events (e.g., educational workshops).  
  • Arranges for and prepares music components for special worship programs and regular liturgical celebration services (e.g., MLK, Black History, Christmas, Easter, etc.) which may vary. 
  • Directs and supervises musical staff (paid and volunteer) such as choir directors, musicians, worship leaders and accompanists; Conducts regular staff meetings for the purpose of planning, information exchange, learning, and evaluation.  
  • Prepares, with assistance from the choir presidents and music staff members, an annual music budget reflecting the needs of the entire music program. Administers the budget once it is approved by the church.  
  • Continues to grow professionally as a church musician; Keeps informed and stays abreast of current developments in church music, materials, promotional ideas, and administrative techniques.

Church Administrator

The key responsibilities of the Church Administrator are as follows:

  • Managing church correspondence (phone, email, regular mail) – receiving, responding as appropriate or forwarding as appropriate
  • Creation and printing of Sunday and special service bulletins and regular church publications (including weekly emails) and documents
  • Creation and Maintaining of regular church business documents/manuals/guidelines/handbooks
  • Maintaining office and pulpit inventory; ordering inventory as appropriate
  • Administrative support to Pastoral staff, boards and ministries
  • Scheduling of church meetings for AP
  • Preparation of materials (certificates and gifts) for and logistical coordination of Christian services (baby dedications, funerals, baptisms, ordinations and licensing)
  • Administrative assistance for all church retreats and church-wide special events
  • Manage building usage calendar