Affordable Housing Ministry

The Myrtle Village Development Corporation, a non-profit 501 c 3 corporation, is a ministry of Myrtle Baptist Church designed to develop affordable housing opportunities in close proximity to the church located at 21 Curve Street in West Newton. In keeping with our mission, the Myrtle Baptist Church congregation is “reaching up, out and within”. Our primary goal is to preserve and enhance family- friendly neighborhoods while fulfilling our God-given mission of service to the community.

In pursuit of this mission, the church purchased a single family home at 18-20 Curve Street in West Newton a number of years ago and in 1986 it expanded to include two 3-bedroom duplexes. Two families are currently living in these units with the rent for one family being subsidized through the Federal Section 8 housing voucher program and the other family paying fair market rent but qualifying for subsidy. Following recent discussion with NCDF regarding the potential for expanding affordable housing opportunities in the immediate neighborhood, Myrtle Baptist Church purchased a single family home at 12 Curve Street, next door to the duplex. The proposal to redevelop these structures features two attractive homes with landscaped lots and a design that will complement the architecture of the other homes in the neighborhood dating back to the early 1900’s. The property will include seven units of housing affordable to families at 50%-90% of area median income (AMI) and will remain affordable in perpetuity.

We are keenly aware of the critical need for affordable housing in the city of Newton and are pleased to embark upon this endeavor to expand these opportunities.

Ministry Leaders: Sister Shelby Robinson & Brother Thomas Turner

Caregivers Ministry

The Caregivers Ministry of Myrtle Baptist Church was established to implement a caregiving support program. This system will build support networks; train and educate volunteers and caregivers; coordinate counseling and support group services; alleviate suffering and enrich the lives of those in the congregation and community facing hardship. Fueled by a desire to “reach up, out and within”, the Caregivers Ministry seeks to offer services that assist with practical services such as health seminars, transportation needs, errand running and sitter services, house cleaning, and medical and legal document assistance. The ministry will also offer spiritual and mental wellness resources such as grief counseling and support groups.

Ministry Leaders: Sister Cyndi Dailey-Smith & Sister Tamara Sheard

Church Safety Ministry

The primary purpose of the Myrtle Baptist Church Security Ministry is to maintain a peaceful, safe environment which is conducive to teaching, learning, working, living, and sharing in the word of our Lord and Savior. The program will work through its dedicated members to actively solicit and encourage the cooperation of the church family to decrease the opportunity for crime and to facilitate maximum member participation in crime prevention by following basic rules and guidelines.

The vision of the Myrtle Baptist Church Security Ministry is to assist in reducing crime against the church by providing a security program that acts as a deterrent for criminals so that they never make Myrtle Baptist a target. There is a natural hesitancy to implementing church security measures into the church. Church is generally thought of as a safe and trusting place, protected by the Creator. However, we are called to be good stewards, caretakers, of all that we have been given. We are called to be on our guard, and wise. Crimes against churches are rising. Churches are considered “soft targets” for acts of hate and rebellion. As a ministry we believe that you can take a proactive approach to securing your place of faith. As church leaders, we are taking a proactive stand on church security issues. The Bible states that we should not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy. We believe that it is our calling to protect church property and its people.

Ministry Leader: Brother Kenneth Green

Daughters of Myrtle

The Daughters of Myrtle came into being in 1921 under the pastorate of Rev. William Wade Ryan. He chose a group of women to prepare dinner for the Northern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting. They did an excellent job. Rev. Ryan with wisdom and foresight, envisioned the impact of the good these women could have on Myrtle Baptist Church. He encouraged them to form a group and thus the Daughters of Myrtle became the church’s first auxiliary. The Daughters of Myrtle obligation was to help the church and community spiritually and financially when and wherever possible. The mission of the group has not changed. Their most recent activities include staying connected with our college students, supporting the efforts of local shelters, participating in the Adopt- an-Angel for the Mississippi Salvation Army and reaching out to the sick and shut-in members of the community. Annually, they host informational and sponsor events which include: Community Health Fair, Spaghetti Dinner, Youth Ski trip, Pamper Drive, Anniversary luncheon, and the weekly Collation.

Ministry Leader: Sister Evette Layne

Elders of Color Ministry

The Elders of Color luncheons continue to bring together our community of Elders who are our wise, proud and strong foundation of believers. We honor our elders for their sacrifice and their commitment to family and community. Their walk by faith and not by sight models for us how our spiritual growth and trust in the Jesus of our salvation will equip us with the tools to overcome and persevere. The Elders of Color host the following annual events: Christmas party, yard sale, and June cook out.

Ministry Leaders: Reverend Inez Dover & Sister Frances Gadsden

Greeters Ministry

The Greeters Ministry of Myrtle Baptist Church is committed to the mission of making Myrtle Baptist Church a place where love is felt from the time you enter our doors. We welcome members and non-members alike with a smile and strive to touch the hearts of all of God’s children through words of cheer, acts of kindness and the gift of hospitality. We seek to service willingly with our God-given talents and abilities, by extending ourselves to others in a friendly, kind and genuine manner. We desire to allow the Holy Spirit of God to continue to develop us spiritually to be a blessing in the kingdom of God as we serve in the Lord’s house.

Ministry Leader: Deacon Helen Jefferson

Health and Wellness Ministry

The mission of the Health & Wellness Ministry of Myrtle Baptist Church is to bring the hope of Christ to the church family and others through a growing understanding of Christian stewardship in relation to spiritual and physical health. Our objective is to promote the holistic well-being of the people in the membership. We promote a holistic approach to health that encourages an individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual well-being in context of their relationship to GOD, family and community. We also seek to address health needs through activities and information dissemination related to spiritual, emotional, social and physical health and wellness.

Ministry Leader:  Dr. Renée Boynton-Jarrett

History Committee

Myrtle Baptist Church has a rich and wonderful history. The History Committee’s goal is to keep it alive by documenting, preserving, archiving all materials pertaining to our history. Keeping the church informed and sharing our history with the church and surrounding communities.

The committee has worked closely with documentarian, Joe Hunter, who made a documentary on the life of Myrtle Baptist Church and its people.

Ministry Leader: Sister Katy Haywood

Hospitality and Bereavement Ministry

The Hospitality and Bereavement Ministry of Myrtle Baptist Church serves to ensure that all food preparations are done for church-wide functions. The dedicated members of this ministry work tirelessly to set up and clean up church spaces used for food service, as well as preparing and serving delicious meals for the Myrtle Baptist Church family and our guests. This ministry is responsible for our regular collation after morning services, sometimes with the help of other ministries who are sponsoring collation for the day. This ministry also prepares special receptions that take place after evening services and works with bereaved families to ensure that their needs are met for repasts that are held at the church in conjunction with funerals and memorial services.

Ministry Leader: Sister Odell Haywood

Howard M. Haywood Lecture Series

Twenty five years ago, a man named Howard Haywood took the helm of Myrtle Baptist Chruch and started us on a journey under the banner of love. Twenty five years later, the banner of love is still flying high, but there is still work to be done. Today, Reverend Haywood, serves as Pastor Emeritus at Myrtle Baptist Church.

The Lecture Series seeks to broaden the minds of attendees by presenting topics of interest that focus on faith, community, love and empowerment.

Howard Haywood Lectures meet every third Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm.

Ministry Leader: Brother Earnest Offley

Intercessory Prayer: Warriors Team

The Intercessory Prayer Warriors team was born out of a desire of Pastor Crowley’s to recruit an army of prayer warriors who are willing to go to the front lines of today’s spiritual battle.

Intercessory Prayer Warriors are men and women of Myrtle who believe in the power of prayer, and believe that God calls us to stand in the gap for others.

Life Together: Marriage Ministry

Through Life Together: Marriage Ministry is to awaken your relationship and discover your partner all over again. For Life Together, the key is to learn to recognize and accept your partner’s gifts with grace and gratitude We seek to help couples find the love, joy and passion possible in a conscious and spiritual relationship and learn the essential tools and principles that can keep love alive and growing. We believe in helping spouses develop a deeper connection with each other, with all beings and with Spirit take communication and listening skills to a new level as well as finding greater intimacy, co-creativity and spiritual growth. Joining this ministry offers an opportunity to rediscover the dimensions of your relationship and your common goals and learn to see your partner anew, discover their positives and appreciate their blessings. Our annual Marriage Retreat helps couples to recall their original vows and commitment, and make new agreements; learn to truly forgive and move beyond emotional gridlock; discover the importance that positive affirmations have on your partner; gain insights into what went wrong with previous relationships; and choose love over fear and develop a true spiritual connection and your partner.

Ministry Leaders: Brother Michael and Sister Oni Holley

LYFE Youth Ministries

(Learning, Yearning, Fellowshipping, Enriching)

LYFE Youth Ministry at Myrtle Baptist Church seeks to respond to the needs of young people, assist in the development of emerging leaders, and promote their healthy development and faith growth by providing a variety of opportunities and experiences to draw youth into active, responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the greater church. LYFE Youth Ministry emphasizes individual and communal growth for holistic spiritual formation. LYFE Youth Ministry seeks to provide a safe space for children and youth to fellowship, ask big questions, worship and enjoy being their authentic selves. Through partnering with families, community organizations, and volunteers LYFE Youth Ministry is able to provide creative, fulfilling and transformational youth activities and programming.

Ministry Leader: Rev. Carrington Moore LYFE Youth Ministry Departments  

MyrtleNation – Youth & Young Adult Choir Ministry Head – Jonathan Roberts

MyrtleNation is the dynamic youth Choir of Myrtle Baptist Church. The uplifting voices of MyrtleNation that combines Contemporary Christian Music and Gospel Music continually inspires the Myrtle Baptist church community. .

Worship Events & Fellowships

FIYA Friday (Fellowshipping in Yahweh’s Atmosphere)

1st Friday of Every Month 7-9PM.

The monthly fellowship for youth 12-18 years of age.

LYFE Children’s Zone

1st Friday of Every Month 7-9PM.

Media Ministry

The purpose of the Media Ministry of Myrtle Baptist Church is to provide the best possible atmosphere for worship through sound reinforcement by way of appropriate audio/music mix and desired multi-media presentations. This ministry and it leaders are responsible for the operation, maintenance and security requirements and technical aspects for the audio and visual media equipment of the church as well as for the media recording of services, including CD production, duplication, distribution and archiving. In addition to operations during worship services, the Media Ministry is also responsible for making information available through appropriate social media outlets, including postings to the church website and podcasts.

Ministry Leaders:  Sister Stephanie Campbell and Sister Evelyne Martial

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry endeavors to engage men to grow in their relationship with Jesus and each other. They exist to be the source of spiritually centered peer connection and the stimulus for the Myrtle Baptist Men (MBM).

This ministry allows men to connect with each other in Christ, learn how to follow Christ in community, impact their environment as leaders, and be present for young men to come of age with effective role models.

Ministry Leaders: Brother Marcus Evans and Brother Greg Brown

Music Ministry

The purpose of the Music Ministry is to share the Word of Jesus Christ through song, encourage believers in their walk with Christ, lead the congregation in worship and provide an avenue through which individuals may share their gift and be an integral part of the worship.

The Music Ministry endeavors to . . .

·       ·  Provide musical edification for all members of the congregation in the effort to enable them to do their best to serve the church              and glorify God in worship

·       ·  Foster personal growth in faith as Christians through music

·       ·  Offer a wide variety of music and song to in the effort to reach all age groups

·       ·  Commit to the teachings of the church and its leadership through dedication, hard work, and service

·       ·  Acquire the necessary talent, knowledge and skill to accomplish the above Myrtle Choirs & Musical Groups

Note: In addition to assigned Sunday services, all groups sing for certain special occasions/services and upon request.

·       ·  Combined Choirs of Myrtle

·       ·  Inspirational Chorale (1st Sunday service)

·       ·  LoveTones

·       ·  Men’s Fellowship Choir (3rd Sunday service and Men’s/Father’s Day)

·       ·  Myrtle Instrumental Ensemble (All services)

·       ·  Myrtle Nation (2nd Sunday and 5th/Youth Sunday services)

·       ·  Myrtle Women’s Chorus (Mother’s/Women’s Day)

·       ·  Praise and Worship Team (All Sunday services)

·       ·  Voices of Myrtle (4th Sunday service)

·       ·  Youthful Praise Children’s Choir (2nd and 5th Sunday services)

Ministry Leader: Brother Jonathan Newell-Roberts

New Members Ministry

Myrtle’s New Disciples’ course is designed to do four things:

1.     Orient the new disciple to the God given mission/vision of Myrtle Baptist Church in direct correlation with the Great Commission given to the body of Christ.

2.     Act as the starting point for new and seasoned believers in understanding the meaning of Christian Discipleship and the ministry’s Discipleship Process.

3.     Aid the new member in the development of practical discipleship characteristics relating to a believer’s relationship with God – Worship, Walk, Work, Witness, Stewardship, and Tithing.

4.     Combining these objectives, the New Disciples’ course will aid the new disciple in discerning God’s will in fulfilling his/her mission under the scope of this ministry, as well as in the world at large.

Ministry Leader: Deacon Debbie Gadsden-Holliday

Outreach and Missions Ministry

The Outreach Ministry seeks to demonstrate Christian love through actions and activities that relieve suffering and improve the quality of life. This ministry reaches out to our and other surrounding communities in simple and practical ways to demonstrate the radically inclusive love of God.

Praise & Worship Team

The Praise Team of Myrtle Baptist Church was started in the belief that the goal of our corporate worship time is to create an environment for believers to passionately and freely express their adoration of God. From quiet, humble reflection to intense, passionate praise, the members of the Praise Team are committed to worshipping in spirit and in truth. The aim of this ministry is to lead the body of believers in offering their praise to glorify the Lord and move all hearts to cry out to the One and Only Living God each time they come together to minister. The team meets weekly to rehearse and prepare for the Sunday morning worship service. They take the call to lead worship seriously and believe that God’s desire is for man to pursue excellence in whatever we do and that a body functions at its best when each part is doing what it was made to do. Though every Christian should be passionate about worship, skill is needed to be an effective leader.  If you are interested in joining the Praise & Worship Team, come join us for our open rehearsal.

Leader: Sister Ayeesha Lane

Usher Board Ministry

The philosophy and purpose of the board is to serve the Lord as “doorkeepers” to His holy temple. The usher board contributes to the General Treasury and Scholarship funds, and they remember the sick and shut-ins with cards and expressions of love.

Ministry Leader: Sister Evelyn McMullen

Worship & Arts Ministry

The Worship and Arts Ministry is the umbrella for those ministries that lead and participate in all special Sunday services and special services throughout the year. The Worship and Arts Ministry facilitates the logistics and implementation of all Myrtle’s programs that are connected with congregational praise and worship. One of the ministries primary responsibilities is to design, formulate and coordinate the calendar of events for the year.

The Ministry of Worship and Arts works with the Pastor and the Administrative Assistant in the design and execution of every Sunday service and also every thematic or liturgical calendar event/service on Sunday and during the month. The members of the Worship and Arts Ministry are the Chairs/ or representatives from the following ministries: Music Ministry, Media Ministry, Ushers, Greeters, Sunday School, LYFE Ministry, Diaconate, Trustees, Caregivers, Revival, Black History Month, History Ministry, Men’s Ministry, MLK Sunday, HH Lecture Series, Life Together Marriage Ministry, Breast Cancer Awareness, Family and Friends, Vision Sunday, Helping Hands and World Aids.

The Ministry’s focus is to serve the Lord by unifying and encouraging the members to participate in all aspects of the worship experience. The mission of the Worship and Arts Ministry is to collectively worship God and effectively minister in the areas of oral and visual artistry utilizing music, dance, liturgy, and drama. Our goal is to follow the vision of the Pastor, echo the Word of the House, and cultivate the gifts in the Myrtle Baptist Church Family. God has given us the mandate to minister in excellence and render unto the Lord the very best of our bounties.

The Worship and Arts Ministry requests that any church group or community member(s) who would like to develop a service or sponsor a calendar event to please contact the Worship and Arts Ministry by filling out the Special Service form – available soon.

Ministry Leader: Reverend Inez Dover

Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult Ministry’s mission is to provide support and fellowship to Myrtle’s young adults in our walks of faith; to seek to gain an understanding of God’s word and teachings as it applies to our lives; to provide an open forum where young adults can meet regularly to discuss the various spiritual issues our age group faces; to be a social group of positive influence, providing guidance, and direction towards the spiritual growth of each individual.